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Vehicle is 2006. Does anyone know if a 2006 Toyota Corolla would be llieky to haqve been OnStar equipped? My impression would be no' but I don't know for sure.I believe the vehicle itself is high on the list for theft but think it probably more llieky that the individual would be the target. By this I mean that although the car might be popular with thieves and perhaps car-jackers, the real target would be a young attractive female.Left to run (unspecified) errands' that seem to have required driving somewhere yet what errands do grad students run that require an off-campus Saturday morning drive? Isn't everything do-able online and in the housing unit these days? Banking, dry-cleaning, etc. What would have required a car trip? Did she have any personal miscellaneous items that she bought in bulk rather than at the campus drug store such as makeup or computer disks? Any class assignments that might require a specific trip such as for an upcoming project? I understand that California has had recent weather that was unusual: can anyone confirm the status of ice that day? Were roads icy? Would a random sampling of other young female grad students in her major provide any help such as when you drive offcampus on errands where do you go?'.

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